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         Here the section dedicated to chess stamps and chess philately.
Collecting this topic since approx. 1990/1992 (who remembers exact year...) I had possibility to get many, many nice chess items
- chess stamps
- chess cancels
- chess cards
- chess autographs
        first chess stamp from Bulgaria 1947 - Balkan games
This stamp, probably the first "chess stamp," is one of a set of five issued to commemorate the 1947 Balkan Games, held in Bulgaria, in which Chess was one of the sports.
Hungary was the winner of the Chess competition, with a team comprising Bakonyi, Benko, Barcza, Florian, Fuster, Gereban, Szabo, and Szny.
The stamp (9 leva, white and orange brown) was issued September 29, 1947.
        chess stamp Yugoslavia 1950 - chess olympiad Dubrovnik
This stamp was issued together with other four to commemorate the Ninth Team Championsip of the world, held in Dubrovnik, Jugoslavia.
During the tournament a harsh heat wave hit, seriously affecting some of the older players.
This was the first such event since World War II, and the last in which the USSR did not participate.
Yugoslavia emerged the winner from a field of 16:
1. Yugoslavia 451/2
2. Argentina 431/2
3. West Germany 401/2
4. USA 40
5. Netherlands
The team of Yugoslavia was composed of Gligoric, Pirc, Vidmar, Puc, Rabar, and Trifunovic.
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