some interesting arbiter cases

    Hikaru Nakamura Castled By Both Hands Vs Ian Nepomniachtchi | Armageddon Blitz Chess 2015
    Magnus Carlsen Made Terrible Touch Move Blunder Against Boris Savchenko | Blitz Chess 2010
    Cheparinov refuses handshake (
    Wang Hao - Dreev
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    Cheating in chess
    Piece drop helps TruMasters to qualify!
    Promotion to an upside-down rook, as the other player, holds the Queen hidden in his hand.
Sambuev vs Noritsyn, 2017, Canadian Championship, concluding second Blitz game.
    Game Ahmed Adly 1 vs 0 Diego Flores World Blitz Championship 2016 - 50 moves draw claim wrong or error of arbiter?
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    Game Carlsen - Inarkiev World Blitz Championship 2017 - illegal move
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